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5E Spell Effect Rings in Milky White Acrylic (DIY)
5E Spell Effect Rings in Milky White Acrylic (DIY)
5E Spell Effect Rings in Milky White Acrylic (DIY)
5E Spell Effect Rings in Milky White Acrylic (DIY)

5E Spell Effect Rings in Milky White Acrylic (DIY)

Chest and Trove
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These are spell effect markers for Dungeons and Dragons, which make tracking combat effects a breeze during encounters. Unlike our rainbow acrylic offerings, these are transparent white and are designed for you to customize! They arrive fully masked and ready to be filled with the ink, paint, or crayon. These can be used in conjunction with our Condition Rings, and are faceted on the outside to easily differentiate them on your table or in the available Organizer. 

These rings are designed and carefully sized to be broadly compatible with a wide range of miniatures. When infilling the lettering, we recommend leaving the paper masking on to keep the text looking sharp and to reduce cleanup time. The depth-engraved lettering will accept many types of inks, paint, and wax (crayons) and help protect your chosen infill. Every ring is designed and made by Chest and Trove in San Antonio, Texas.

The included rings in this set are:

  • 2x Hexed
  • 4x Blessed
  • 4x Bane
  • 2x Cursed
  • 4x Faerie Fire
  • 2x Hideous Laughter
  • 2x Hasted
  • 6x Slowed
  • 2x Enlarged
  • 2x Reduced
  • 2x Raging
  • 2x Hunter's Mark
  • 2x Warded

Coloring Tips

Crayons: Crayons provide an easy to apply and vibrant mark, but is also the least durable. Work the crayon into the lettering, occasionally wiping the surface to even out the wax. You can heat the crayon with a hairdryer to make application easier. Once you're happy with the look, remove the paper masking. You can wipe off any residual wax with a dry cloth or t-shirt.

Paint: You can apply acrylic paint (the same kind you use on miniatures!) to the lettering and it will provide you with a durable and colorful mark. You may choose to apply a brush on primer, however it isn't necessary. It is recommended you apply any primer or paint with a small brush to avoid accidentally marking the sides. Apply 3 - 5 thin layers or until the desired color comes through. Once dry, the paint will be quite strong and the inset nature of the text will protect the finish. You may apply brush on hard coat for further protection. Once dry, remove the paper mask. If you accidentally marked the sides with paint, you can remove it with a cloth soaked in warm water.

Ink: Often used to re-mark dice, you can use multi-color ultra fine sharpie markers for a resilient mark. Simply ink inside the letters in 2 - 3 coats evenly, wait for the ink to dry, and then remove the mask. If you accidentally mark the incorrect surface, wipe the excess ink away with your finger quickly.