We are so thankful for our supportive community! With the holidays approaching, our kobolds are going on holiday and will no longer be accepting orders for 2020.


The Chest and Trove is my passion project, borne out of my love for Dungeons and Dragons, RPGs, and Boardgames. With the resources available to me at the Handimade Studio in San Antonio, I launched this business to share my designs and bring products I've developed for our table to others. My goal is to bring unique and high quality products to my friends, patrons, and the D&D community at large. 

The HandiMade Studio

The HandiMade Studio, home of Chest and Trove

I'm an engineer by background and making is just rooted in my soul. Nothing feels more natural and nothing brings me greater joy. I am always designing and pushing myself to innovate and grow. I hope you enjoy the things I make and offer here as much as I enjoyed making them. 


Cheers and Happy Rolling,