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Dungeon Master's War Chest Bundle
Dungeon Master's War Chest Bundle
Dungeon Master's War Chest Bundle
Dungeon Master's War Chest Bundle
Dungeon Master's War Chest Bundle

Dungeon Master's War Chest Bundle

Chest and Trove
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The Dungeon Master's War Chest bundle contains our complete line of translucent acrylic condition and status effect rings ensconced within our War Chest Organizer. The bundle includes 114 pieces, including 7 pairs of additional rings of your choice from any of our other products. This bundle is the complete solution for condition and spell tracking during encounters, and makes an excellent gift for you or your DM.

The War Chest is made of stained birch, comes with rounded edges and inlaid foam inserts to securely hold 114 condition and spell effect rings. The lid is designed to be utilized as a dice box or general play space and is lined with genuine leather for a pleasant rolling experience.

Our condition and spell effect markers are designed to be broadly compatible with miniatures of many sizes. The variety of translucent colors allows you to quickly identify statuses, and the high contrast lettering lets your players easily read them from across the table. Made of solid acrylic, they will endure the test of time. The colors of these rings are visible in all kinds of lighting, but really pop when lit from overhead or by natural light.

This bundle includes the below listed rings, as well as your choice of an additional 14 of anything listed below to round out your collection.

The total bundle includes:

64 Condition Markers

  • 4x Blinded in Smokey Black
  • 4x Charmed in Enthralling Pink
  • 4x Deafened in Sky Blue
  • 4x Frightened in Danger Yellow
  • 4x Grappled in Hellfire Orange
  • 4x Incapacitated in Potion Purple
  • 4x Invisible in Chameleon Clear
  • 4x Paralyzed in Acid Green
  • 4x Petrified in Stone Gray
  • 4x Poisoned in Forest Gnome Green
  • 4x Prone in Lagoon Teal
  • 4x Restrained in Milky White
  • 4x Stunned in Sapphire Blue
  • 4x Exhausted in Eldritch Purple
  • 4x Unconscious in Bloodied Red
  • 4x Concentration in Feywild Pink
36 Spell Effect Rings
  • 2x Hexed in in Sapphire Blue
  • 4x Blessed Danger Yellow
  • 4x Bane in Smokey Black
  • 2x Cursed in Potion Purple
  • 4x Faerie Fire in Feywild Pink
  • 2x Hideous Laughter in Enthralling Pink
  • 2x Haste in Hellfire Orange
  • 6x Slow in Milky White
  • 2x Enlarged in Forest Gnome Green
  • 2x Reduced in Sky Blue
  • 2x Raging in Bloodied Red
  • 2x Hunter's Mark in Acid Green
  • 2x Warded in Lagoon Teal

14 rings of your choice from above