We are so thankful for our supportive community! With the holidays approaching, our kobolds are going on holiday and will no longer be accepting orders for 2020.

The Adventure Begins

The last month has been a whirlwind. It began with a post on imgur sharing a late afternoon design inspired by the 3D printed condition markers I had seen on Critical Role. As I sipped my Arizona sweet tea, I had no idea what was in store for me.

My husband, an avid tabletop enthusiast and the DM for our weekly game, loved them and decided to share it on reddit /DnD. 48 hours and a rushed Etsy posting later, I had a week to make over 13,000 of the little buggers.

Since then, I've redesigned, iterated, and optimized my process (as an engineer is wont to do) and worked my way up to an entire lineup of encounter tracking status rings complete with purpose-built carrying case and an expanding lineup of DIY kits. I was able to fulfill all my orders, and have learned more than I'd care to about Etsy, SEO, and online marketing.

I've begun this new website and brand, Chest and Trove, as a digital bazaar to share my tabletop products and chronicle my experiences as I endeavor to build an online presence as part of my San Antonio, Texas based shop, HandiMade Studio. As I set out on this new adventure and step onto the road, I only hope that I can keep my feet, lest I be swept off to parts unknown.

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